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Furniture Hire & Marquee Accessories

Buy Diazepam 10 Mg OnlineAccessories & furniture hire are an important part of your event; Starting at the top, the right type of lighting will create the perfect mood to compliment your event. Marquee Magics can supply and rig lighting to suit any event whether it be bright and bold or warm and intimate. All you have to do is ask.

Next on the list is the furnishings. Marquee Magic has an incredible selection of furniture for hire available to choose from along with luxurious interior linings with swags in a variety of colours.

And finally, you can’t forget that all-important dance floor, and of course the bar to make your function complete.

Whatever you need, we can supply it, saving you time and effort. We will be more than happy to incorporate all your own ideas to make your celebration one to remember.

As Marquees are used throughout the year, additional heating will be required for the winter months. We provide gas heating, available in a range of sizes depending on the size of Marquee you need.

Buy Valium Diazepam 10Mg

Buy Xanax Offline

Buy Xanax Offline

Marquee Furniture Hire London, Essex & Kent

Round Banqueting Tables:

4ft – Seating Maximum of 8 Guests
5ft – Seating Maximum of 10 Guests
6ft – Seating Maximum of 12 Guests

6 x 2ft6 Wooden Trestle Table

6ft x 2ft6” Wooden Trestle Table

Suitable for, Buffets, Catering Preparation, Top Tables or Dining Seating 3 Guests either side.

Marquee Furniture Hire

White table linen & napkins are also available for all of our tables listed above.

Order Zolpidem Uk

Furniture Hire London - Wedding hire

Silver Banqueting Chair

Our Banqueting Chairs are provided with Dralon Seat Pads in either, Black, Burgundy, Navy Blue, Ivory or Gold. Please ask a member of the team regarding other colour preferences.

Furniture Hire London

Gold Banqueting Chair

Our Banqueting Chairs are provided with Dralon Seat Pads in either, Black, Burgundy, Navy Blue, Ivory or Gold. Please ask a member of the team regarding other colour preferences.

Furniture Hire Essex

Limewash Chivari Banqueting Chair

Our Banqueting Chairs are provided with Dralon Seat Pads in either, Black, Burgundy, Navy Blue, Ivory or Gold. Please ask a member of the team regarding other colour preferences.

Buy Zolpidem Powder

Ali Poseur Table

Tall Aluminium Poseur Table

Round Aluminium Café Table

Round Aluminium Café Table

Furniture Hire London

Aluminium & Beige Rattan Café Chair

Furniture Hire London - Aluminium Blue Rattan Chair

Dark Blue Rattan Café Chair

Tall Aluminium Bar Chair with Beige Rattan Seat Pad

Tall Aluminium Bar Chair with Beige Rattan Seat

Aluminium Bar Unit (Complete) with Six Optics

5’ Sectional Aluminium Bar Unit with Six Optics
(Front & Rear Counter with Optic Shelf)

Order Ambien Online


3ft Round White Resin Table

White Resin Bistro Chair

Stackable White Resin Bistro Chair

Generic Ambien By Teva

Wedding Furniture Hire London Lite Bar Front Service Counter

Lite Bar Service Counter

(White Light as Standard – If you have a colour preference, please ask a member of the team)

Lite Bar Service Counter

(White Pictured with Blue Lights)

Lite Cube

Single Light Cube

(White Light as Standard – If you have a colour preference, please ask a member of the team)


Buy Phentermine Diet Pills Online Uk


Black & White Checkerboard Acrylic Dance Floor with Aluminium Trim


Polished Parquet Wooden Dance Floor with Aluminium Trim

Generic Ambien Manufacturers

Calor Gas Cabinet Heater

Calor Gas Cabinet Heater

LB Warm Air Heater (Premier 170)

Thermostat Control LB Warm Air Heater (Mains Electric & Gas Powered)

Rhino Halogen Cabinet Heater

Halogen Cabinet Heater


Buy Adipex Diet Pills


Ikadan Solid Non Slip PVC Event Floor in Black Finish



Marquee Expo Coloured Cord Carpet

We are able to supply Marquee Expo Cord Carpet in a number of colours to suit your event – please ask a member of the team about Carpet availability in your chosen colour.

Dandy Dura Black Matting

Dandy Dura Black Matting

Our most popular and cost effective flooring is the Dandy Dura Black Matting. This can be laid on Grass or Hard Standing and is very durable.

Buy Valium 5Mg Online Uk

16inch Motorised Mirror Ball

16” Motorised Mirror Ball

Black Chandelier

 Black Chandelier

Brass Chandelier

Brass Chandelier

Chrome Chandelier

Chrome Chandelier

Colour Changing LED Flood Light

Mini Coloured LED Flood Light

Floor Level Uplighter

Floor Level Coloured/White Uplighter

Set of 5 Pin Spot Lights - White

Set of Five White Pin Spot Lights

Spot Light

Single Coloured/White Spot Light

White Chandelier

White Chandelier


*Some lighting styles may vary from the designs shown

Buy Ambien Us Pharmacy

We are able to supply Sofa’s & Coffee Tables in several colours and styles – please ask a member of the team for details on colour and style availability.

The Goring Hotel - May 2012 (5)

76 Rectangular Coffee Table 180 Square Coffee Table-Black (2)

747Bk - Vancouver 3 Seater (2)

748; 749

749bk - Vancouver Armchair


Buy Ambien Online With Mastercard

The Goring Hotel - May 2012 (3)

Starlight Night Sky Roof Linings are available in Black Cloth, with Bright White LED .

We can also supply Black Pleated Wall Linings to match.


Luxury Double Pleated Ivory Silk Roof & Wall Linings with Coloured Valances

(Valances are available in a variety of colours – please ask a member of the team for further details)


For our larger Clearspan Marquees we are able to supply Luxury Flat Silkline Roof & Wall Linings in either Black or White


Order Generic Xanax