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Summer Blues, Winter Warmers

Summer Blues

We all love Summer, that tends to be a given with most of us; all the long days spent lazing on the beach, picnics in the park and alfresco dinner parties in the garden. For all you sunshine-socialisers, Autumn brings the prospect of no more beach for a year, which can bring about a bad bout of the Post-Summer blues.

Now the weather’s getting colder in the UK, more of us will be making the executive decision to stay inside instead of going out. But why let the chilly weather impact on your social life?

Winter Warmers

So maybe the beach would be a bad choice for a BBQ in mid-December. But there are always plenty of ways to enjoy socialising outside in the cooler months, just so long as you wear your thermals! Let’s be honest, unless it’s pouring a monsoon outside then there are things you can do to make an outside gathering more than enjoyable for your guests.

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Take Bonfire Night, for example. Everyone get’s their warmest clothes on, hats, scarves, wellingtons, because we know it’s a time where we’re likely to be standing around outside, often on a patch of muddy grass. But with say, hiring a large Marquee, adding few fairy lights, and a nice row of foodie treats and hot, mulled wine- you can make an outdoor gathering be absolutely wonderful!

The cold doesn’t have to affect your social life in a negative way, it can actually end up having the opposite effect and bring people together. There’s something ironically heartwarming about gathering around the fire on a cold November evening, hearing the ‘oooh’s and ‘ahhhh’s when the fireworks go off above. After all, we live in Britain… So if you’re here for the long-run, we should all try to embrace the cold weather and probably more importantly, learn to love it. So go against the grain, surprise your friends, get your warmest layers on and organise your outdoor party this Winter!

Marquee Magic 2 novemberMaybe your birthday is in the middle of Winter and you’ve always wanted to do all those Summery activities, but have always been scarpered by the cold weather? Now is your chance to have the garden party you’ve always wanted! As long as you specify the outdoor dress-code- Why not?

If you do want to plan an outdoor event this bonfire season, why not go all out and bring the garden out with you? There are some really great corporate marquee hire places in London and beyond that will help make your summer party dreams come true!

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