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Buy Generic Valium 10Mg

The Clearspan Marquee is exactly as the name suggests – with no internal poles you have the advantage of being able to use all of the internal floor space, making these Marquee’s suitable for indoor markets and large festival venues etc. Our Clearspan Marquee’s are available in widths of 6, 9, 12 and 15 metres and are also modular in length, which means you can make the structure as long as necessary. We can also build these structures side by side to create a larger width!

Traditional Frame Marquee

Our frame Marquees have no internal poles or framework supporting the structure, maximising the space you have available to you. Like our other Marquees these can be built on almost any surface and are modular in length. Our Frame Marquees are available in widths of 3m, 4.5m and 6m. With the smallest size at 3m x 3m, there are many options available and these Marquees have many uses, whether it is a first aid point at a festival, or a small extension onto the back of a house for a private gathering!

Leader Oriental Marquee

The Leader Oriental Marquee also known as the “Chinese Hat” or “Pagoda” Marquee is the most visually stunning in our collection. With no internal poles or framework supporting the structure, it’s sweeping roof is more than eye catching! As there is no internal framework, the Leader Oriental Marquee can be used with or without interior lining or with the latest “Cristal Clear” PVC roof & wall coverings.

Hexagonal Leader Oriental Marquee

The Hexagonal Leader Oriental Marquee gives you all the benefits of the Leader Oriental Marquee (no internal framework or poles etc.) but with six sides! Providing something that is not only unusual but visually stunning at the same time.

Marquee Size Guide

3m Frame Marquees:

Marquee SizeSeatedBuffet/Standing
3m x 6m (10’ x 20’)2030
3m x 9m (10’ x 30’)3040
3m x 12m (10’ x 40’)4050
3m x 15m (10’ x 50’)5060

6m Clearspan & Frame Marquees:

Marquee SizeSeatedBuffet/Standing
6m x 6m (20’ x 20’)4050
6m x 9m (20’ x 30’)6075
6m x 12m (20’ x 40’)80100
6m x 15m (20’ x 50’)100125
6m x 18m (20’ x 60’)120150
6m x 21m (20’ x 70’)140175
6m x 24m (20’ x 80’)160200

9m Clearspan Marquees:

Marquee SizeSeatedBuffet/Standing
9m x 9m (30’ x 30’)90115
9m x 12m (30’ x 40’)120150
9m x 15m (30’ x 50’)150185
9m x 18m (30’ x 60’)180225
9m x 21m (30’ x 70’)210265
9m x 24m (30’ x 80’)240300
9m x 27m (30’ x 90’)270335
9m x 30m (30’ x 100’)300370

12m Clearspan Marquees:

Marquee SizeSeatedBuffet/Standing
12m x 12m (40’ x 40’)160200
12m x 15m (40’ x 50’)200240
12m x 18m (40’ x 60’)240300
12m x 21m (40’ x 70’)280350
12m x 24m (40’ x 80’)320400
12m x 27m (40’ x 90’)360450
12m x 30m (40’ x 100’)400500
12m x 33m (40’ x 110’)440550
12m x 36m (40’ x 120’)480600

15m Clearspan Marquees:

Marquee SizeSeatedBuffet/Standing
15m x 15m (50’ x 50’)250310
15m x 20m (50’ x 65’)300380
15m x 25m (50’ x 82’)350440
15m x 30m (50’ x 98’)400500
15m x 35m (50’ x 115’)450560
15m x 40m (50’ x 131’)500625
15m x 45m (50’ x 148’)550690
15m x 50m (50’ x 164’)600750
15m x 55m (50’ x 180’)650810
15m x 60m (50’ x 197’)700875

Leader Oriental Marquees:

Marquee SizeSeatedBuffet/Standing
6m x 6m (20’ x 20’)4060
6m x 12m (20’ x 40’)80120

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