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Festival Marquee Hire

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Popular Summertime Festivals

Festival Marquee Hire

We tend to associate festivals with music, mud and hoards of welly-clad revellers partying into the night. In fact there are many types of festivals throughout the summer in the UK, both local and national; and they are growing in popularity.

A festival can be a celebration of almost anything, be it religious or social. Most festivals are based on a common theme and have been celebrated for thousands of years by communities around the world.

Here’s a look at some of the most popular summertime festivals held in the UK.



Village fetes in the UK have a long history going back hundreds of years. They were, and still are, a chance for the local community to come together and celebrate by holding a communal, outdoor party. They usually take place on the green in the centre of the village and even today, many fetes still feature traditional displays such as morris and maypole dancing.
School fetes are a traditional way to end the scholastic year, featuring food and drinks stalls, raffles, tombolas, games and music. Today they are run as a way of raising money for school funds or charitable causes.


Food And Drink

Festival Marquee HireFood and drink festivals are enormously popular and often used to promote and sell locally grown and made products supplied by small businesses. Visitors get a chance to taste and buy a variety of foods and drinks and associated products. There are often cooking demos and noted chef appearances, workshops and cooking competitions.
Many food festivals are based around a specific theme such as; vegetarian, global cuisines, cheese, beer, wine, oysters and even garlic and chillies.



Not all music festivals are copies of Glastonbury. Smaller local music festivals are usually based on a particular genre such as folk: A celebration of traditional folk music, often combined with folk craft. Folk festivals can also feature a mixture of blues, country and Celtic music. Classic music festivals are often celebrated as champagne picnics in the grounds of a stately home.


Arts & Crafts

Festival Marquee HireBoth professional and amateur artisans have the opportunity to display and sell handcrafted goods such as artwork, pottery and jewellery and demonstrate traditional craft techniques such as weaving, spinning and dying textiles. Craft festivals are often part of a larger country show, combining crafts, food and music in a celebration of local talent. They also offer a chance for new artisans to promote their creations.

Marquee Magic provides a top class festival marquee hire service, however large or small your event. For more information, contact us or visit us online.

Wedding Marquee Packages

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DIY Or Wedding Package?

Your wedding is a special and unique event which should leave you with wonderful memories to cherish for years to come. Every couple has their own ideas for what makes the perfect wedding. It may be a simple affair with a handful of guests or a magnificent reception in the grounds of a fairytale castle, but no matter how small your wedding party, it’s still going to need careful planning.

Wedding Marquee PackagesThe most important factor for any wedding (apart from the bride and groom turning up) is that everything runs smoothly on the day. So is it best to do-it-yourself or put the process in the hands of a professional?

Here’s a few of the factors you should consider when deciding between a DIY or Buy Soma Us To Us.


Many couples choose a DIY wedding believing it to be a cheaper option. It would surprise you to know that organising and booking everything yourself can sometimes end up being more expensive than buying a wedding package.

A DIY wedding can mean finding individual suppliers for almost everything from caterers, venue hire, booze, furniture hire, to flowers and table linen. Every supplier will add their service costs and VAT, so hiring everything individually may end up breaking the budget. All-inclusive wedding packages, on the other hand, give you a fixed price that includes everything.


A DIY wedding gives you 100% control. If you’re a creative type and friends and family are happy to get involved, planning a DIY wedding can be fun and ultimately satisfying. However, if the thought of organising every detail brings you out in a cold sweat then a package deal is the way to go.

All-Inclusive packages may have limited choices though and give you less opportunity to add your own personal touch.

A Combination Of Both

Marquee hire not only gives you the freedom to choose your perfect location but it can also make accessory hire far easier. A wedding marquee package takes away the stress of organising every last detail while allowing you the flexibility to organise your wedding as you wish. Marquee packages take care of the venue logistics such as decorative swags, lighting, furniture, linen and even toilet facilities. You can then hire caterers to do the rest. Many catering packages include flowers, table settings, menu tastings and even decorations. You can choose a flexible package and then add your own personal touches as much or as little as you want.

For more ideas and inspiration including information on our wedding marquee packages, Buy Generic Diazepam Online Marquee Magic today.

Marquee Hire For Summer Weddings

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Planning Your Summer Wedding At Home

Summer is a popular time for weddings. However, it also means that venues are in big demand and it may not be possible to get the location you’re looking for. So what could be more special than hosting your wedding reception at home?

Marquee Hire For Summer WeddingsIf you have a large garden, a summer wedding on your lawn can be spectacular. The added benefits are:

  • Familiarity – you know the location. You can tailor-make your summer wedding to suit your needs.
  • Special meaning – an ‘at home’ wedding can be far more personal than a fixed wedding venue. You’ll have a constant reminder of your special day, you’ll feel more relaxed and your wedding will feel like a truly special family event.
  • Convenience  Everything is on hand. You won’t have to worry about leaving things behind or changing into more comfortable shoes; just pop up to your bedroom and open the wardrobe!

If you’re getting married in your local parish church you can save on transport and walk to the reception with an entourage of guests behind you.

Marquee Hire

The most practical solution would be to Order Generic Xanax. You can position it wherever you want: on your lawn or even in a nearby field. Modern wedding marquees are luxurious structures that can be adorned as sumptuously as you wish. Choose a summertime theme with birds, butterflies and flowers incorporated into the decorations.

In the evening, light up the lawns and outdoor areas with flaming torches and lanterns hanging from the trees. Use citronella candles to keep the insects at bay. Hire additional outdoor furniture so guests can also gather outside. Make sure ashtray facilities are available for the smokers.

If your property is large enough, consider hiring an adjacent catering tent and portable toilet facilities. Ensure that parking won’t cause a problem with the locals; a nice gesture would be to invite the neighbours to the evening reception.

British weather is unpredictable so a marquee is perfect for rainy days. Covered walkways and additional matting will prevent you from getting wet and you can have the option of opening up the side walls in warmer weather.

You can organise your event yourself or hire a wedding co-ordinator. Choose a Buy Ambien Online Fast Shipping that supplies accessories such as furniture, dance floors, a bar area and lighting.

Marquee Magic provides luxury marquee hire for Summer weddings. We can also supply accessories including outdoor furniture and indoor and outdoor lighting to transform your Summer wedding into a truly magical event. Contact us today for more information.

Wedding Marquees London

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Spring Wedding Marquee Ideas

We all look forward to Spring with a sigh of relief. This beautiful seasons heralds the end of Winter and the celebration of new life and new beginnings. With the anticipation of longer days and warmer weather it is easy to understand why Spring weddings are so popular.

A marquee can transform your Spring wedding into something truly spectacular. However, Spring weather can be fairly unpredictable so you may have your doubts. Today, marquees are far more sophisticated. They can be heated throughout and the outer materials are durable enough to withstand rain and wind. Carpets and hard flooring ensure that your marquee is as comfortable and as gracious as an interior ballroom. Extensions can be added, connecting the marquee with a solid building so you don’t even have to put a step outside!

If you’ve chosen to hire a marquee for your Spring wedding then here’s some great ideas to add a touch of seasonal magic to your special day.

Order Generic Xanax

Think of Spring and the first thing that comes to mind is bucolic images of country life. The flexibility of a marquee allows you the freedom to choose your wedding location: it could be in the grounds of a country house, attached to a barn, in a farmhouse garden or even a field in the middle of nowhere if you wish!

Wedding Marquees LondonDecor

Dress the entranceway and the internal walls of your marquee with arched branches adorned with cherry blossoms. Finish the look with a billowing silk ceiling for an added touch of luxury.

Scatter flower petals along the walkway and use birds and butterfly decorations inside for a truly romantic Spring feel.

Pastel colours are popular for Spring weddings. Incorporate your chosen colours in the bridesmaids dresses, the chair and table coverings, the wedding cake and even the groom’s bowtie! A tea-length dress is ideal for the bride. Have a fun pair of bright-coloured wellies handy if it’s muddy outside!


Tulips, daffodils, daisies and peonies are all stunning seasonal flowers that can be incorporated in your wedding bouquet and table displays. Baskets filled with flowers are a perfect choice if your wedding is held in the Easter period. Choose painted eggs in egg cups instead of name cards and include an Easter egg hunt for the children.

Marquee Magic has a range of stunning marquees and furnishings to transform your Spring wedding into a truly special seasonal event. For more ideas and inspiration, visit us online and browse through our gallery.

marquee hire london

Buy Xanax In China

It’s getting increasingly harder to find a decent and affordable party venue in London and the surrounding metropolitan area. Most places are booked up for months in advance and competition is high, meaning that prices can soar to ridiculous levels. Also, most venues have fixed prices, set menus and their own furnishings already in place which tends to limit the possibility of a truly bespoke special occasion.

An ideal solution is hiring a marquee for your event. Not only will you have greater flexibility with dates and get to choose your perfect location, the range of luxury marquees and accessories available today means that your special event can be transformed into something truly spectacular. Here’s a guide to the options available when hiring a luxury party marquee in London.

Linings Buy Diazepam 5Mg Online Uk

Roof and wall linings can turn a simple marquee into a stunning and luxurious venue. Ivory silk linings are ideal for wedding parties and can then be complimented by the colour theme of your choice.

A black clothed ceiling with bright white LEDs can transform your marquee roof into a starlight night sky. The effect is breathtaking, making it a popular choice for weddings and Christmas parties.


Spot lights and flood lights can be used to create the right atmosphere for your party. For an added touch of elegance, choose elaborate chandeliers suspended from the ceiling. Light cubes produce a stunning cool-light effect. Use them around the bar area to create a sophisticated London night club ambience.


Polished parquet flooring can be laid to create an elegant dance floor which will compliment any colour scheme. However, for that extra ‘wow’ factor, choose a black and white chequered floor coupled with a starlight night sky ceiling.

Furnishings  Buy Diazepam Amazon

The furnishings you choose can give your party an added touch of luxury and elegance. To create a more intimate atmosphere consider lounge sofas and coffee tables in the bar area. Depending on the style you want to achieve you could choose between chic, modern, traditional or more simple designs of tables, chairs and accessories.

A luxury party Buy Alprazolam Online Legally Uk gives you the flexibility of creating a truly bespoke look for your London party. The added benefit of optional heating means that you can plan your special event at whatever time of year you wish.

Marquee Magic has a range of luxury marquees and accessories to add a touch of luxury and elegance to your London party. Visit us online and check out our gallery page for further ideas and inspiration.

Marquees Dinner

Order Xanax Bars Online Overnight

A marquee can be the perfect venue for your wedding, allowing you to choose your location and giving you the flexibility of organising your wedding where and when you want it. Many London wedding venues are booked up months and even years ahead. Most venues only offer a rigid, fixed price wedding package with specific catering menus. Feeding your guests is one of the most important aspects to be considered when organising your wedding. A marquee wedding allows you the flexibility of being as creative, formal or informal as you wish.

Here are a few ideas for your London marquee wedding dinner and drinks options.

Drinks Reception

A pre-dinner drinks reception is a wonderful way of greeting your guests when they arrive. You can opt for champagne cocktails served with a variety of hot and cold canapés served outside (weather permitting) before entering the marquee for the sit down meal. Some couples dont want a sit down meal and opt for a simpler affair, offering just drinks and canapés.

A Traditional Sit Down Meal

A multi-course meal is still a favourite choice for a more traditional wedding dinner. Starters, sorbets, main courses and desserts are offered with a choice of wines and after-dinner coffee and liquors.


An alternative dinner option is a hot and cold buffet. This is a more informal alternative to a traditional wedding meal. Guests can choose what they like from a range of dishes. A buffet gives you a wider variety of menu options such as hot foods or cold finger foods.

Themed Menus

With a marquee wedding you can theme your event as you wish. This also goes for your dinner options. Many couples are shying away from traditional meals and are opting for more informal, international themed menus.

  • Italian – Prosecco and Campari cocktails followed by traditional antipasti, pasta and risotto dishes.
  • Indian – delicious indian starters followed by a range of curries, rice and pilau breads.
  • Tex Mex – chilli con carne, fajitas, burritos and tortillas accompanied by Mexican beers and tequila. A fun and informal menu for guests of all ages.
  • British – why not treat your guests to a traditional English roast, with a carver at each table. For a more informal wedding, what could be better than fish and chips.

Whatever your London wedding dinner and drinks options, Marquee Magic has the perfect marquee for your special day. Specialising in wedding marquee hire, we have a range of accessories and decor options to turn your wedding marquee into a stunning and sumptuous wedding venue.

marquee hire

Buy Alprazolam In China

Organising a special event such as a wedding, private party or corporate event can be a challenging experience. One of the most stressful aspects is trying to find the right venue. Booking a venue, especially in the London area is becoming more and more tedious. All the decent places are booked up months ahead; for weddings, even years in advance. But what if you didn’t have to worry about your event location? What if you could choose wherever you want to host your special function? You could even consider hosting your event at home. Instead of a fixed venue, consider choosing a marquee for your special event. Here are some good reasons to hire a marquee instead of a venue.

Buy Generic Diazepam Uk

The Perfect Location

You get to choose your location. Even if your garden is an average size, you will be able to find a marquee to suit your needs. A popular choice is a marquee that acts as a home extension, allowing you to take advantage of your interior space which then flows out into your outdoor area. A marquee at home makes your event more personal and you don’t have to worry about toilet facilities or catering kitchens. It’s all there for you. And best of all, your venue is free, so you can consider hiring a more luxurious marquee to make your event truly special.

Flexibility Buy Dog Diazepam

You have the flexibility to choose the date you want without having to book a venue months in advance. You can also pick and choose what services you require. You can hire a full service package including catering, furniture, floor coverings and lighting, or you can choose to decorate the marquee yourself. You also have the flexibility of making your own catering arrangements and adapting a custom made theme for your event. You don’t even have to worry about the time of year. Although most marquees are rented during the summer months, a heated marquee allows you to hold your event in the colder months. A marquee is a wonderful idea for a private or corporate Christmas party. Finding a suitable venue for your Christmas party in the London area is becoming increasingly more difficult and expensive. Many venues have fixed price packages and don’t allow you the flexibility that hiring a marquee does.

Marquee Magic is a leading supplier of marquees, based in South East London. We provide a wide range of Buy Valium Legally Uk to suit all needs and budgets. For more information call us today or visit us online.

marquee hire

Buy Zolpidem Online Uk

Everybody dreams of a magical, unique wedding day, packed with memories to last a lifetime. A marquee wedding day can offer you just that. Here are five reasons you should look into marquee hire when planning your big day.

1. Pick Your Perfect Venue and the Perfect View Buy Xanax Without Doctor Consultation

The beauty of a marquee wedding is that you can plan your wedding wherever you like. Whether that means a bohemian-inspired garden wedding or the grandeur of a stately home – all you need is a bit of space. Buy Diazepam 10Mg Online India really does provide you with the option of setting your big day against a dream backdrop. Stunning rolling hills, spectacular sea views or yards and yards of fields – it really is up to you!

Buy Xanax Aus2. Have as Much Creative Control as You Wish

Creative control is another great advantage of a marquee wedding. A marquee is essentially a blank canvas, which provides you with a fabulous opportunity to truly create your own wedding theme. In fact, no two marquee weddings are ever the same, and you can be as involved as you wish in the design and layout of the marquee.

3. Invite as Many or as Few Guests as You Desire  Buy Diazepam Legally Online

The size of the wedding guest list can also be a headache, especially if your chosen venue is too large or too small for your wedding group. A marquee wedding removes this worry – you’re not restricted by the number of guests you want to invite. Whether you’re planning a large event for more than three hundred guests or prefer a more intimate affair, you can hire a marquee that meets your needs to create the wedding you really want.

Buy Zepose Valium4. Choose the Caterers You Really Want

Traditional wedding venues will often require you to use either a preferred caterer or choose from a set menu. This can often be more costly or more restrictive in terms of food choice. A marquee wedding provides you with the freedom of choosing your own caterer, giving you – not the venue – the choice of what you get to eat and drink on your special day.

5. Working Within Your Budget      Buy Carisoprodol Fedex

Hiring a marquee allows you to create the day of your dreams without the high price tag of traditional venues. By giving you the freedom to make choices with regards to the caterer, the florist, the marquee and even the bar, a marquee wedding provides you with the flexibility of working within your budget.

At Marquee Magic, we’re experts in Buy Valium Legally Uk and can help you to create the wedding day of your dreams. Call us today to find out more.

Hiring A Marquee

Cheap Valium Online India

When it comes to organising a wedding, corporate event, showcase, or any kind of function, one of the areas that causes the most stress is picking the venue. Interestingly, more people are choosing marquee hire as a viable alternative to venue hire, and it’s not difficult to see why. Hiring a marquee offers more flexibility, features, and diversity than you may expect. Let’s have a look at why you should go with a Buy Adipex In Canada firm for your next event.

Hold Your Event Almost Anywhere

The UK is filled with plenty of beautiful spaces, and the magic of hiring a marquee is that you can bring the venue to you. This could mean hosting your wedding in the setting where you first met, a corporate event in a field, or a family reunion in your garden. The portability of a marquee opens up numerous options that a fixed venue simply can’t offer.

Your Own Design                      Buy Xanax Tablets Online Uk

Forget blank, boring rooms with a few balloons and a projector. Marquees allow you to dress your event in any way you choose. Plenty of marquees offer lighting, heating, and sound equipment, and when it comes to décor the sky’s the limit. Whether it’s turning your marquee into a fairyland for a children’s party or splashing it in the colours of your corporate brand, you can do it all.

Buy Xanax ChicagoThe Best Indoor/Outdoor Flow

There’s nothing worse than a cramped venue on a hot day. With a marquee, simply roll up the sides and allow your guests to unwind in the open air. Even if formal proceedings take place in the marquee, everybody will appreciate the opportunity to wander outside to mingle. If your event continues into the evening, simply bring everybody inside, close the marquee and keep the party moving.Enjoy the View

Frame marquees are the ultimate arenas for hosting an event with a view. The combination of clear roofs and sides allows you to bring the setting indoors, be it the garden of a country estate or a view over the ocean.

Better for your Budget

Marquees come in all shapes and sizes, so you’ll find one that suits your budget. Furthermore, the flexibility offered in the layout of a marquee allows you to rearrange guests to maximise space. You simply can’t do this with a traditional venue. Marquees maximise the potential for your event to work wonderfully. Forget the restrictions and expense of a boring room and call a Buy Valium Legally Uk company. Your guests will thank you for it.

Diazepam 10 Mg Order