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Marquee Magic
Average rating:  
 274 reviews
by Sarah Symington on Marquee Magic

Fantastic! we wouldn't use anybody else!

by Claire Farhi on Marquee Magic
Fantastic Marquee, excellent service

We run an event for 300 people in a garden in NW London so need a big marquee to fit us all in there. We had previously used a more expensive competitor of Marquee Magic but I am so glad we switched to you guys this year! The marquee itself was perfect - high quality materials, fantastic festoon lighting and did a faultless job keeping us dry despite the storms and torrential downpours over the last fortnight. All interactions I had with your team over the phone and in person were brilliant - everyone was so helpful and competent. We really appreciated the last-minute 'oh no we need an extra 100 chairs' support you guys were able to give us too! Really great service all round - can't wait to work with you again next year. Many thanks.

by Marie Schaff on Marquee Magic

We have used Marquee Magic many times and they are always excellent. Sergio and his team arrived on time and worked tirelessly setting up. Nothing is too much trouble, even when we asked to have all the electrics sent to different sockets requiring some complicated rigging up a pole and over the garage roof. The finished marquee looked amazing and Sergio took time to explain to us how to work the heater, lights etc. They were all equally great when taking it down. Friendly, competent and they produce a great result....roll on the next party we will be calling marquee magic again!
Many thanks to you all.

by Celia from Discover Adventure Ltd on Marquee Magic
Charity Walk 'hub'

I have used Marquee Magic for our last 4 events in London and they are nothing short of excellent. They turn up on time, with a large team, all of whom know exactly what their role is.
The marquees are clean and well anchored, the rigging and de-rigging is very slick and the site is left clean and tidy.
I would thoroughly recommend them if you want to start with a stress free event.

by Noa on Marquee Magic
Regents Park

I just wanted to say thank you, you sent us the best team ever, they were fast, pleasant and professional, the site looks wonderful, and the park team where pleased

Thank you so much, and we will be in touch regarding next year's date soon

All the best


by Sarah Waddington on Marquee Magic
Great team, great marquees, great service

We booked Tony, Jack and the team for our wedding on a marina and they were great to work with. On time, super efficient and pleasant to deal with too. On the day the marquees, tables, chairs and bar, plus the lovely lights, looked fab and helped make the day extra special. Marquee Magic comes highly recommended.

by Emma on Marquee Magic

This the second time we have used Marquee Magic and would recommend them to anyone. They are very efficient and quick and the team has always been charming to deal with. Thank you.


by Jessica on Marquee Magic
Always a pleasure

I have been working with Tony and Marquee Magic for many years, on many events, in a variety of locations. Tony and his team are always super efficient, polite, H&S conscientious and diligent. Tents go up exactly where they are wanted, and normal ahead of schedule, and then are gone at the same pace. I have a confidence and ease when working on site with MM that is always a great relief for event organisers.

by Discover Adventure Ltd on Marquee Magic


Marquee Magic was recommended to me to site our marquee for the annual large charity walk I arrange in central London and thank goodness I asked around!

As I said in my email, the correspondence and conversations before the event were plentiful and made sure we were both 'singing from the same hymnbook'. Then on the day your chaps were engaging and cheerful and they put that marquee up very quickly, they were like a 'well oiled machine'. Even when I changed my mind a couple of times re opening etc. they just got on and did it without complaining and with a smile.

I deal with many marquee companies around the UK and Marquee Magic are up at the top of my list for efficiency with a few others.

Thank you so much and I look forward to working with you again in September.

by Vickie Tomkins on Marquee Magic
30th Birthday Party

Dear Tony,

Thank you so much for creating the most fantastic party venue for our daughter's 30th Birthday. Your team transformed our garden, working tirelessly and professionally to create the most beautiful winter wonderland. I will upload some photo's for your gallery.

The service provided by the team was, as usual, exceptional.


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