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marquee furniture hire london

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Marquee Furniture Hire London, Essex & Kent

6 x 2ft6 Wooden Trestle Table

Marquee Furniture Hire

Banqueting Chairs

Furniture Hire London - Wedding hire

Furniture Hire London

Furniture Hire Essex

Aluminium Café & Bar Furniture

Ali Poseur Table

Round Aluminium Café Table

Furniture Hire London

Furniture Hire London - Aluminium Blue Rattan Chair

Tall Aluminium Bar Chair with Beige Rattan Seat Pad

Aluminium Bar Unit (Complete) with Six Optics

White Resin Bistro / Outdoor Furniture


White Resin Bistro Chair

Lite Bar’s & Cube’s

Wedding Furniture Hire London Lite Bar Front Service Counter

Lite Cube


Dance Floors


Black & White Checkerboard Acrylic Dance Floor with Aluminium Trim


Polished Parquet Wooden Dance Floor with Aluminium Trim


Calor Gas Cabinet Heater

Calor Gas Cabinet Heater

LB Warm Air Heater (Premier 170)

Thermostat Control LB Warm Air Heater (Mains Electric & Gas Powered)

Rhino Halogen Cabinet Heater

Halogen Cabinet Heater




Ikadan Solid Non Slip PVC Event Floor in Black Finish



Marquee Expo Coloured Cord Carpet

Dandy Dura Black Matting

Dandy Dura Black Matting


16inch Motorised Mirror Ball

16” Motorised Mirror Ball

Black Chandelier

 Black Chandelier

Brass Chandelier

Brass Chandelier

Chrome Chandelier

Chrome Chandelier

Colour Changing LED Flood Light

Mini Coloured LED Flood Light

Floor Level Uplighter

Floor Level Coloured/White Uplighter

Set of 5 Pin Spot Lights - White

Set of Five White Pin Spot Lights

Spot Light

Single Coloured/White Spot Light

White Chandelier

White Chandelier


Lounge Furniture

The Goring Hotel - May 2012 (5)

76 Rectangular Coffee Table 180 Square Coffee Table-Black (2)

747Bk - Vancouver 3 Seater (2)

748; 749

749bk - Vancouver Armchair


Interior Lining

The Goring Hotel - May 2012 (3)


Luxury Double Pleated Ivory Silk Roof & Wall Linings with Coloured Valances