Bonfire Night Marquee Hire

Five Tips for Throwing an Excellent Bonfire Night Party

‘Remember, remember the fifth of November’ is a line that everybody knows, and the date is cause for a big celebration every year. Instead of attending a public bonfire, why not host your own party by creating a bonfire and renting a marquee tent.

Along with your Bonfire Night marquee tent, here are some tips for throwing an excellent Guy Fawkes party.

Build a Big Bonfire

Bonfire Night Marquee Hire Just like other Bonfire Night celebrations, your bonfire will be the highlight of the night. Ensure you have enough space to create a good-sized bonfire, and plenty of wood to keep the fire burning all night. In order to start the bonfire, use plenty of tinder, and have some paper and firelighters to have. Remember – never use petrol or paraffin for your fire and always check bonfire regulations with your local fire station.

Create an Effigy of Guy Fawkes

It isn’t a true Bonfire Night party without an effigy of Guy Fawkes to throw on the bonfire. Making your Guy is a great activity for the kids. Grab an old pillowcase for the Bonfire Night Marquee Hire head, a pair of pants and a shirt for the body, and stuff them with old newspaper, feathers, or more old clothes. You could even use an old pillow as the body. Draw on a face, give him some boots and a scarf, and he’s ready to go.

Recite Traditional Bonfire Night Rhymes

As you burn your effigy of Guy Fawkes, be sure to recite the familiar Bonfire Night rhyme, ‘Remember, Remember the Fifth of November,’ to celebrate his capture. These old rhymes and chants are as integral to Guy Fawkes Night as the bonfire and fireworks.

In addition to the classic rhyme, there are plenty of other songs and chants to sing, or you can have fun making up your own.

Bonfire Night Marquee Hire

Plan for Fireworks

It isn’t a Bonfire Night party without some fireworks, so if you’re not close to a public display, plan your own that guests can watch from the marquee. Stock up on fireworks that are safe for public use, and make sure you have a large open space to set them off. It goes without saying you need to keep these a safe distance from your marquee tent!

Eat Traditional Foods

If you want your Bonfire Night party to be a roaring success, you need to deliver some traditional Bonfire Night food. Cook potatoes in foil over the fire, heat up some soup, and roast some hot dogs. For those with a sweet tooth, hot marshmallows are delicious and don’t forget the toffee apples! You can also serve traditional Parkin cake, made of Bonfire Night Marquee Hire Bonfire Night Marquee Hire oatmeal, ginger, treacle, and syrup.

Guy Fawkes Day only happens once a year, so make your Bonfire Night marquee hire tent party one to remember. Follow these five tips, and you and your friends will have a cracker!


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