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Reasons To Marquee Hire Instead Of A Venue

Organising a special event such as a wedding, private party or corporate event can be a challenging experience. One of the most stressful aspects is trying to find the right venue. Booking a venue, especially in the London area is becoming more and more tedious. All the decent places are booked up months ahead; for weddings, even years in advance. But what if you didn’t have to worry about your event location? What if you could choose wherever you want to host your special function? You could even consider hosting your event at home. Instead of a fixed venue, consider choosing a marquee for your special event. Here are some good reasons to hire a marquee instead of a venue.

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The Perfect Location

You get to choose your location. Even if your garden is an average size, you will be able to find a marquee to suit your needs. A popular choice is a marquee that acts as a home extension, allowing you to take advantage of your interior space which then flows out into your outdoor area. A marquee at home makes your event more personal and you don’t have to worry about toilet facilities or catering kitchens. It’s all there for you. And best of all, your venue is free, so you can consider hiring a more luxurious marquee to make your event truly special.

Flexibility marquee hire

You have the flexibility to choose the date you want without having to book a venue months in advance. You can also pick and choose what services you require. You can hire a full service package including catering, furniture, floor coverings and lighting, or you can choose to decorate the marquee yourself. You also have the flexibility of making your own catering arrangements and adapting a custom made theme for your event. You don’t even have to worry about the time of year. Although most marquees are rented during the summer months, a heated marquee allows you to hold your event in the colder months. A marquee is a wonderful idea for a private or corporate Christmas party. Finding a suitable venue for your Christmas party in the London area is becoming increasingly more difficult and expensive. Many venues have fixed price packages and don’t allow you the flexibility that hiring a marquee does.

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Five Reasons to Choose a Wedding Marquee Hire

Everybody dreams of a magical, unique wedding day, packed with memories to last a lifetime. A marquee wedding day can offer you just that. Here are five reasons you should look into marquee hire when planning your big day.

1. Pick Your Perfect Venue and the Perfect View marquee hire

The beauty of a marquee wedding is that you can plan your wedding wherever you like. Whether that means a bohemian-inspired garden wedding or the grandeur of a stately home – all you need is a bit of space. Marquee hire really does provide you with the option of setting your big day against a dream backdrop. Stunning rolling hills, spectacular sea views or yards and yards of fields – it really is up to you!

marquee hire 2. Have as Much Creative Control as You Wish

Creative control is another great advantage of a marquee wedding. A marquee is essentially a blank canvas, which provides you with a fabulous opportunity to truly create your own wedding theme. In fact, no two marquee weddings are ever the same, and you can be as involved as you wish in the design and layout of the marquee.

3. Invite as Many or as Few Guests as You Desire  marquee hire

The size of the wedding guest list can also be a headache, especially if your chosen venue is too large or too small for your wedding group. A marquee wedding removes this worry – you’re not restricted by the number of guests you want to invite. Whether you’re planning a large event for more than three hundred guests or prefer a more intimate affair, you can hire a marquee that meets your needs to create the wedding you really want.

marquee hire 4. Choose the Caterers You Really Want

Traditional wedding venues will often require you to use either a preferred caterer or choose from a set menu. This can often be more costly or more restrictive in terms of food choice. A marquee wedding provides you with the freedom of choosing your own caterer, giving you – not the venue – the choice of what you get to eat and drink on your special day.

5. Working Within Your Budget      marquee hire

Hiring a marquee allows you to create the day of your dreams without the high price tag of traditional venues. By giving you the freedom to make choices with regards to the caterer, the florist, the marquee and even the bar, a marquee wedding provides you with the flexibility of working within your budget.

At Marquee Magic, we’re experts in marquee hire and can help you to create the wedding day of your dreams. Call us today to find out more.

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A Marquee Hire Can Provide You a Weatherproof Your Summer Event.

Good British summers are the best in the world … when they’re good! As we all know, the weather doesn’t always respect our plans to celebrate or hold an event outdoors. The good news is marquee hire has never been easier.

Marquees are available in a wide range of shapes and sizes. You can plan your event safe in the knowledge that the weather won’t ruin the occasion. Marquees provide shelter in the event of rain, and cool shade for when the sun has got his hat on.

Whatever your plans, marquee hire may well make the difference between your event being a roaring success or a damp squib.

Corporate Events

There are a fantastic range of sizes and styles available. You have a choice of interiors and accessories from the plush and luxurious to the simple and functional. Marquee hire for your corporate event may be just the ticket.

You can set the tone of your event with the choices you make. Not only that, you can rest easy in the knowledge that your hard work will not be undone by fickle weather.

Wedding Marqueesmarquee hire

Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life. You need to consider venues, catering and guest seating. Then there are the all-important dresses for the bride and her entourage and suits for the groom and his band of ushers. It can all seem a bit overwhelming at times.

In contrast, marquee hire is quite straightforward. You can choose the precise style of marquee that suits the spirit of your event. You might opt for a formal affair with ball-gowns and morning dress in the grounds of a country estate. Perhaps you’ll choose something more organic and natural in a woodland setting. Whatever you decide, you’ll find an arrangement that is certain to suit your taste.

Festivals or Public Events


Live music is always popular. Little festivals and outdoor markets are becoming regular features in towns and cities everywhere. Thanks to the range and availability of marquees, it’s now possible to set up a music festival or market almost anywhere!

Where to Start

Once you’ve decided that hiring a marquee is the way to go, you need to figure out what size of marquee will best suit your event. Then just get in touch with a good marquee hire company and discuss your needs with them. Many will offer a free consultation. They’ll visit the site of your event and evaluate what options are available to you.

After that, just leave it all in the hands of your marquee hire company. They will deliver, set up and pack down your marquee leaving everything just as they found it.

Hiring a marquee is an exciting way to give your summer event a polished air. You can ensure that all your invitees will be comfortable come rain or shine.

Bonfire Night Marquee Hire

Five Tips for Throwing an Excellent Bonfire Night Party

‘Remember, remember the fifth of November’ is a line that everybody knows, and the date is cause for a big celebration every year. Instead of attending a public bonfire, why not host your own party by creating a bonfire and renting a marquee tent.

Along with your Bonfire Night marquee tent, here are some tips for throwing an excellent Guy Fawkes party.

Build a Big Bonfire

Bonfire Night Marquee Hire Just like other Bonfire Night celebrations, your bonfire will be the highlight of the night. Ensure you have enough space to create a good-sized bonfire, and plenty of wood to keep the fire burning all night. In order to start the bonfire, use plenty of tinder, and have some paper and firelighters to have. Remember – never use petrol or paraffin for your fire and always check bonfire regulations with your local fire station.

Create an Effigy of Guy Fawkes

It isn’t a true Bonfire Night party without an effigy of Guy Fawkes to throw on the bonfire. Making your Guy is a great activity for the kids. Grab an old pillowcase for the Bonfire Night Marquee Hire head, a pair of pants and a shirt for the body, and stuff them with old newspaper, feathers, or more old clothes. You could even use an old pillow as the body. Draw on a face, give him some boots and a scarf, and he’s ready to go.

Recite Traditional Bonfire Night Rhymes

As you burn your effigy of Guy Fawkes, be sure to recite the familiar Bonfire Night rhyme, ‘Remember, Remember the Fifth of November,’ to celebrate his capture. These old rhymes and chants are as integral to Guy Fawkes Night as the bonfire and fireworks.

In addition to the classic rhyme, there are plenty of other songs and chants to sing, or you can have fun making up your own.

Bonfire Night Marquee Hire

Plan for Fireworks

It isn’t a Bonfire Night party without some fireworks, so if you’re not close to a public display, plan your own that guests can watch from the marquee. Stock up on fireworks that are safe for public use, and make sure you have a large open space to set them off. It goes without saying you need to keep these a safe distance from your marquee tent!

Eat Traditional Foods

If you want your Bonfire Night party to be a roaring success, you need to deliver some traditional Bonfire Night food. Cook potatoes in foil over the fire, heat up some soup, and roast some hot dogs. For those with a sweet tooth, hot marshmallows are delicious and don’t forget the toffee apples! You can also serve traditional Parkin cake, made of Bonfire Night Marquee Hire Bonfire Night Marquee Hire oatmeal, ginger, treacle, and syrup.

Guy Fawkes Day only happens once a year, so make your Bonfire Night marquee hire tent party one to remember. Follow these five tips, and you and your friends will have a cracker!