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Wedding Marquee Packages

Wedding Marquee Packages

DIY Or Wedding Package?

Your wedding is a special and unique event which should leave you with wonderful memories to cherish for years to come. Every couple has their own ideas for what makes the perfect wedding. It may be a simple affair with a handful of guests or a magnificent reception in the grounds of a fairytale castle, but no matter how small your wedding party, it’s still going to need careful planning.

Wedding Marquee PackagesThe most important factor for any wedding (apart from the bride and groom turning up) is that everything runs smoothly on the day. So is it best to do-it-yourself or put the process in the hands of a professional?

Here’s a few of the factors you should consider when deciding between a DIY or wedding package.


Many couples choose a DIY wedding believing it to be a cheaper option. It would surprise you to know that organising and booking everything yourself can sometimes end up being more expensive than buying a wedding package.

A DIY wedding can mean finding individual suppliers for almost everything from caterers, venue hire, booze, furniture hire, to flowers and table linen. Every supplier will add their service costs and VAT, so hiring everything individually may end up breaking the budget. All-inclusive wedding packages, on the other hand, give you a fixed price that includes everything.


A DIY wedding gives you 100% control. If you’re a creative type and friends and family are happy to get involved, planning a DIY wedding can be fun and ultimately satisfying. However, if the thought of organising every detail brings you out in a cold sweat then a package deal is the way to go.

All-Inclusive packages may have limited choices though and give you less opportunity to add your own personal touch.

A Combination Of Both

Marquee hire not only gives you the freedom to choose your perfect location but it can also make accessory hire far easier. A wedding marquee package takes away the stress of organising every last detail while allowing you the flexibility to organise your wedding as you wish. Marquee packages take care of the venue logistics such as decorative swags, lighting, furniture, linen and even toilet facilities. You can then hire caterers to do the rest. Many catering packages include flowers, table settings, menu tastings and even decorations. You can choose a flexible package and then add your own personal touches as much or as little as you want.

For more ideas and inspiration including information on our wedding marquee packages, contact Marquee Magic today.

Marquee Hire For Summer Weddings

Marquee Hire for Summer Weddings

Planning Your Summer Wedding At Home

Summer is a popular time for weddings. However, it also means that venues are in big demand and it may not be possible to get the location you’re looking for. So what could be more special than hosting your wedding reception at home?

Marquee Hire For Summer WeddingsIf you have a large garden, a summer wedding on your lawn can be spectacular. The added benefits are:

  • Familiarity – you know the location. You can tailor-make your summer wedding to suit your needs.
  • Special meaning – an ‘at home’ wedding can be far more personal than a fixed wedding venue. You’ll have a constant reminder of your special day, you’ll feel more relaxed and your wedding will feel like a truly special family event.
  • Convenience  Everything is on hand. You won’t have to worry about leaving things behind or changing into more comfortable shoes; just pop up to your bedroom and open the wardrobe!

If you’re getting married in your local parish church you can save on transport and walk to the reception with an entourage of guests behind you.

Marquee Hire

The most practical solution would be to hire a marquee. You can position it wherever you want: on your lawn or even in a nearby field. Modern wedding marquees are luxurious structures that can be adorned as sumptuously as you wish. Choose a summertime theme with birds, butterflies and flowers incorporated into the decorations.

In the evening, light up the lawns and outdoor areas with flaming torches and lanterns hanging from the trees. Use citronella candles to keep the insects at bay. Hire additional outdoor furniture so guests can also gather outside. Make sure ashtray facilities are available for the smokers.

If your property is large enough, consider hiring an adjacent catering tent and portable toilet facilities. Ensure that parking won’t cause a problem with the locals; a nice gesture would be to invite the neighbours to the evening reception.

British weather is unpredictable so a marquee is perfect for rainy days. Covered walkways and additional matting will prevent you from getting wet and you can have the option of opening up the side walls in warmer weather.

You can organise your event yourself or hire a wedding co-ordinator. Choose a marquee hire company that supplies accessories such as furniture, dance floors, a bar area and lighting.

Marquee Magic provides luxury marquee hire for Summer weddings. We can also supply accessories including outdoor furniture and indoor and outdoor lighting to transform your Summer wedding into a truly magical event. Contact us today for more information.

marquee hire

A Marquee Hire Can Provide You a Weatherproof Your Summer Event.

Good British summers are the best in the world … when they’re good! As we all know, the weather doesn’t always respect our plans to celebrate or hold an event outdoors. The good news is marquee hire has never been easier.

Marquees are available in a wide range of shapes and sizes. You can plan your event safe in the knowledge that the weather won’t ruin the occasion. Marquees provide shelter in the event of rain, and cool shade for when the sun has got his hat on.

Whatever your plans, marquee hire may well make the difference between your event being a roaring success or a damp squib.

Corporate Events

There are a fantastic range of sizes and styles available. You have a choice of interiors and accessories from the plush and luxurious to the simple and functional. Marquee hire for your corporate event may be just the ticket.

You can set the tone of your event with the choices you make. Not only that, you can rest easy in the knowledge that your hard work will not be undone by fickle weather.

Wedding Marqueesmarquee hire

Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life. You need to consider venues, catering and guest seating. Then there are the all-important dresses for the bride and her entourage and suits for the groom and his band of ushers. It can all seem a bit overwhelming at times.

In contrast, marquee hire is quite straightforward. You can choose the precise style of marquee that suits the spirit of your event. You might opt for a formal affair with ball-gowns and morning dress in the grounds of a country estate. Perhaps you’ll choose something more organic and natural in a woodland setting. Whatever you decide, you’ll find an arrangement that is certain to suit your taste.

Festivals or Public Events


Live music is always popular. Little festivals and outdoor markets are becoming regular features in towns and cities everywhere. Thanks to the range and availability of marquees, it’s now possible to set up a music festival or market almost anywhere!

Where to Start

Once you’ve decided that hiring a marquee is the way to go, you need to figure out what size of marquee will best suit your event. Then just get in touch with a good marquee hire company and discuss your needs with them. Many will offer a free consultation. They’ll visit the site of your event and evaluate what options are available to you.

After that, just leave it all in the hands of your marquee hire company. They will deliver, set up and pack down your marquee leaving everything just as they found it.

Hiring a marquee is an exciting way to give your summer event a polished air. You can ensure that all your invitees will be comfortable come rain or shine.

new years eve marquee

Celebrate in Style this New Year’s Eve with a Marquee Party

new years eve marquee





As the seasons change, the warmth of summer making way for the chilly nip of autumn, our
thoughts turn to the festive season ahead. With the family Christmas sorted, one of the main
questions on your mind is what to do this New Year’s Eve.

One of the biggest problems with New Year’s Eve is the huge cost of going out – pubs get
crowded while the price of drinks seems to increase every year, and events such as cabaret
and theatre can be prohibitively expensive.

One solution is to throw a big party for all your friends and family using marquee hire for
New Year’s Eve.

Winter Marquees

new years eve marquee





Many people incorrectly assume that marquee hire is only good for the warmer months, but
modern marquees are a fantastic option for winter too. State-of-the-art winter marquees are
waterproof and windproof, making concerns about wind, rain and snow a thing of the past.

With thermostat-controlled heaters and hard wooden flooring to raise you above the damp,
cold floor you can party all night long – without your coat, and without your heels sticking in
the mud!

A Winter Wonderland

Hiring a marquee is a fantastic option for a party, because you have a blank canvas to
decorate – no more worrying over whether your preferred colour scheme matches the curtains
of your venue.

It’s easy to transform your marquee into a true winter wonderland, with minimal cost. Avoid
bright summer colours, and opt for winter white, blended with glamorous silver or gold.
Suspend paper lanterns from the ceiling and twist fairy lights around the tables and doorframe
for a little extra sparkle.

Pick Your Party

new years eve marquee










Now that you have your New Year’s Eve venue sorted and decorated, you can decide what
type of party you want to throw. For a sophisticated New Year’s Eve, set the room with white
tables and chairs, decorated with sparkly snowflakes, and throw a magnificent feast, adding
in a bar and chillout area for afterwards.

Alternatively, a party venue may be more your style so set your marquee up as a huge
dancehall so you can dance the night away. Don’t forget to include a bar area, a chillout zone
for when your guests need to rest their weary feet, and a buffet table with nibbles to keep
everyone sustained for the long night ahead.

Hiring a marquee for your New Year’s Eve is the perfect way to celebrate with your friends
and family, without breaking the bank. Food and drink will be much cheaper, you won’t have
to queue for hours to get to the bar, and best of all, there’s no need for a babysitter!

The Only Way is Essex…..Marquees

Party like The Only Way is Essex

Love it or hate it, you’ve got to admit that those TOWIE residents know how to party. Barely an episode of The Only Way is Essex passes by without a birthday bash, an engagement party, a roller disco or some other celebration happening that gives the cast the chance to dress up, have a dance, have an argument and do it all again the next weekend.

Marquee Hire in EssexWhat makes the parties in TOWIE seem so good is the effort that they put in to the preparation. What makes a good party is a good atmosphere, and the way to get a good atmosphere is to take care of the finer details.


Party location, location, location

Location is more important than one might think when it comes to planning a party. If people are in familiar surroundings and don’t have to worry too much about how they’re going to get home, they’ll be more relaxed and feel able to let their hair down. The Essex crew are lucky enough to have friends with gardens and marquee hire in Essex is a thriving business. The benefits of having a party in a marquee are that it’s really not so far to travel as you can hold the party at home, but you don’t need to worry about messing up the carpet.


From blank canvas to bling

Marquees are much easier to decorate than clubs bars or houses too. A white marquee is a blank canvas for creating any sort of wonderland you like. The structure of a marquee means that it’s easy to hang drapes on the walls and lights on the ceiling without making holes. A very Essex thing is to use starlight curtains which are drapes fitted with tiny led lights – these look rather magical and create a bling effect too. Another benefit of using a marquee is that you don’t need to worry about moving furniture around to make a dance floor like you might do at home.  You can be creative with the flooring, using different styles to define areas of the marquee such as the dancefloor, bar and seating areas, as there are all kinds of floors available.

 Marquee Hire Essex

Marquee? Sounds good.

Finally, another reason for marquees over venues for a really great party, is the flexibility you can have with the sound system. You can rig speakers up throughout a marquee, which you wouldn’t be able to do in a bar or at home. You can create surround sound throughout your party or keep the loud music and speakers away from separate seating areas for talking – it depends on whether you want to eavesdrop on the catfights or not.


To find out more about marquee hire in Essex, contact our team today.