Add an Extra Dining Room for the Day for Family Christmas Dinner

For many families Christmas is a great excuse to get everyone together in the same place at the same time. It can be the one time of year when everyone is likely to make an effort to travel the extra miles to spend time with their loved ones. So the size of your dining room shouldn’t dictate how many people you can squeeze in, and it shouldn’t mean that Uncle Bob is sat in the kitchen pulling his cracker alone on a camping chair while everyone else sits at the table. Wouldn’t it just be handy to have an extra room for the day?  marquee hire Surrey for Christmas

Building a conservatory or extension especially for Christmas might be a little excessive and expensive too, but hiring a marquee for the day is a great solution and will create a fun party atmosphere for you and your family at Christmas.

Create a Magical Family Christmas

There tend to more companies for marquee hire in Surrey because this large residential area has plenty of houses with gardens and room for a marquee. So it you want to hire a marquee, looking in Surrey is a good place to start. There are various options when it comes to Christmas marquee hire and different ways that you can set up your marquee. Whether you just want a practical solution for dining or want to go the whole hog and create a magical winter wonderland, marquees can be versatile enough to suit the needs of every member of the family.

Depending on how large your family is, you can hire marquees that seat 30 people at separate tables, or less at bench style tables. If you’re not sure how you’d fill 30 places, you’d be surprised how the numbers add up once you start thinking about in-laws, cousins and partners. You could even decide to have a separate children’s table to keep them out of mischief and away from pinching all the best roast potatoes.

Enjoy a new carpet or wood floor

As well as enjoying an extra room for a day when hiring your marquee, you can also choose what type of flooring you put in. Marquee companies usually offer a choice of wood floor carpet, vinyl and even themed flooring. You could create a snow effect floor with the right colours and fabric choices, and you don’t need to worry about squashed peas on the carpet in your real dining room either.marquee hire for christmas

Separate the mess

There are options of having an open sided marquee which can lead straight out of your patio doors, or if you have a larger garden you can put your marquee further away from the house if you choose to. The first option is the most convenient and will be warmer but the second option is great if you want to leave the tidying up after dinner until the next morning so that you can ignore the dishes and relax with a brandy and the Queen’s speech.


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