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Popular Summertime Festivals

Festival Marquee Hire

We tend to associate festivals with music, mud and hoards of welly-clad revellers partying into the night. In fact there are many types of festivals throughout the summer in the UK, both local and national; and they are growing in popularity.

A festival can be a celebration of almost anything, be it religious or social. Most festivals are based on a common theme and have been celebrated for thousands of years by communities around the world.

Here’s a look at some of the most popular summertime festivals held in the UK.



Village fetes in the UK have a long history going back hundreds of years. They were, and still are, a chance for the local community to come together and celebrate by holding a communal, outdoor party. They usually take place on the green in the centre of the village and even today, many fetes still feature traditional displays such as morris and maypole dancing.
School fetes are a traditional way to end the scholastic year, featuring food and drinks stalls, raffles, tombolas, games and music. Today they are run as a way of raising money for school funds or charitable causes.


Food And Drink

Festival Marquee HireFood and drink festivals are enormously popular and often used to promote and sell locally grown and made products supplied by small businesses. Visitors get a chance to taste and buy a variety of foods and drinks and associated products. There are often cooking demos and noted chef appearances, workshops and cooking competitions.
Many food festivals are based around a specific theme such as; vegetarian, global cuisines, cheese, beer, wine, oysters and even garlic and chillies.



Not all music festivals are copies of Glastonbury. Smaller local music festivals are usually based on a particular genre such as folk: A celebration of traditional folk music, often combined with folk craft. Folk festivals can also feature a mixture of blues, country and Celtic music. Classic music festivals are often celebrated as champagne picnics in the grounds of a stately home.


Arts & Crafts

Festival Marquee HireBoth professional and amateur artisans have the opportunity to display and sell handcrafted goods such as artwork, pottery and jewellery and demonstrate traditional craft techniques such as weaving, spinning and dying textiles. Craft festivals are often part of a larger country show, combining crafts, food and music in a celebration of local talent. They also offer a chance for new artisans to promote their creations.

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