Halloween Marquee Hire

Ideas for Decorating a Halloween Marquee Tent

When planning a big Halloween party to celebrate the spooky holiday, a Halloween marquee tent is the perfect way to set the atmosphere. You can rent a marquee in the right size to fit your party, but you’ll need to decorate it to really enhance the spooky Halloween mood.

Here are some ideas.

Colour Scheme

Firstly, make sure you choose a Halloween colour scheme. Use black, grey, orange, and maybe some green decorations to play up the holiday theme. If your marquee is white, it will be light and airy, so hang some dark fabric to change the atmosphere to spooky and haunting.

halloween marquee hireCandles

Place lit candles on the tables inside the marquee to give it an eerie glow. The flickering lights will be perfect for setting a mysterious mood. You can even find candles coloured black or orange, or choose ones with Halloween drawings on them like spider webs and witches.


Nothing says Halloween quite like pumpkins. Use small pumpkins as table centrepieces inside the marquee, and place larger pumpkins as decorations on the halloween marquee hireground inside the tent or lined up at the marquee entrance. If you have time, take a few big pumpkins and carve jack-o-lanterns to place at the doors for an impressive entranceway.

Spider Webs

Having fake spider webs around your marquee is an easy Halloween decoration idea. You can buy bags of stretchy fake spider web fluff and hang it on the inside or outside walls of the marquee.

Alternatively, make your own using a couple of rolls of toilet paper. Unroll the toilet halloween marquee hirepaper and gently twist it into long spider web-like strings, hanging and connecting the strings like webs across the tent.


Ghosts are a great way of adding a spooky vibe to your Halloween party. Use white bed sheets and stuff them with old newspaper to create a head for the ghost. Draw two eyes and a mouth on your ghosts using a black marker, and hang them from the marquee ceiling. If you don’t have old bed sheets to use, either have a look in your local charity shop or use large white rubbish bags instead.


brooms2Find or buy old witch-style brooms, the ones that look like they have old branches for handles. Place them around the side of your marquee to add to the spooky atmosphere. If you fancy getting creative, wrap the brooms in strings of white LED lights. The lights will show off the witch brooms and add to the eerie glow inside the marquee tent.

These are just a few ideas to decorate your Halloween marquee hire tent, but I’m sure you can use your creativity and think of many more.

If you’re planning to hire a marquee for your Halloween party, contact Marquee Magic today, and make your party the talk of the town.


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