Why Hire A Marquee?

Most people’s idea of the perfect summer wedding involves romantic images of a bright white marquee swathed in swags of fabric and full of flowers set out on a lush green lawn and lit at night with sparkling chandeliers. Lots of women dream of having a venue in which they can place the marquee they have hired and then picture it full of friends and family sipping champagne on the best day of their lives, celebrating their marriage and commitment to love. For a wedding, a marquee is an ideal venue. wedding marquee hire

Marquee hire is affordable and flexible. Whether for a wedding, garden party, christening, big birthday celebration or any other party, they are the ideal venue for all kinds of gathering. The sight of a marquee turns any event into a special occasion. It helps to put people into the right celebratory mood as well as providing a beautiful setting for photographs and a multifunctional space which suits the whole party.

There are a few tips to bear in mind when booking a marquee for your event. Firstly, remember that it is important to book the marquee as early as possible. Particularly for an event to be held in the popular summer months, it is likely that weekend dates will be booked many weeks or months in advance. As soon as a date is set for the gathering, contact local marquee hire companies and explore your options for making the booking. When making a choice between companies, don’t be afraid to ask questions about the marquee which they are offering. Its age and condition will make a big difference to the overall impact of it at the party, as a shabby or dilapidated marquee will not make quite the same impression. All marquees should be shown to be in accordance with the British Standard legislation for safety to make sure that you and your guests are protected throughout the event.
wedding marquee hireThe size of the party and the number of intended guests will make a difference to the kind of marquee which is required, as will the available space at the venue. A large marquee which is too big for the party will make guests feel too thinly spread out and the place will feel empty rather than like it is buzzing with happiness and celebration. Conversely, a marquee which is overcrowded because it is too small will also not make the right impression. For a range of Marquee’s, Gazebo and Wedding Marquee Accessories visit our website or get in touch to speak with one of our friendly team, who will be happy to advise and arrange your perfect wedding marquee.


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