Hiring A Marquee

Extras To Consider When Hiring A Marquee

There are many benefits to hiring a marquee for a wedding or party: the flexibility and choice of location, control in the planning and the possibility of creating a bespoke event just the way you want it. However, there are certain factors you’ll need to consider so that your event runs as smoothly as possible.

Here’s a guide to the extras you should consider when hiring a marquee.

Hiring A MarqueeParking

If you are using your own property for your social event, make sure there is adequate parking for guests and that parking issues won’t cause a problem for neighbouring properties or local traffic.  One idea is for guests to make use of shared transport or mini buses to get to and from the event. This also eliminates the worry of drinking and driving.


Even if your marquee is located in the grounds of a country hotel, there may not be adequate accommodation for all your guests. Research local B&B’s, hotels and pubs in the vicinity and send out a list with your invitations.

Catering Tent

Depending on how much space your caterers need and if they are cooking on-site, you may need to consider a catering tent set up near the main marquee. Also, consider whether there is an adequate power supply. Many catering companies have their own generators and portable gas supplies.


If your event is being held at home and the numbers are large, it may be best to hire portable toilet facilities for the day. This also keeps the event separate from the main house and prevents guests from traipsing all over your home. If water supply is a problem, chemical toilets can be hired.

Outdoor Furniture

If you go to the effort of luxuriously adorning the marquee, don’t forget the surrounding areas. Outdoor furniture and lighting can be hired so your guests can enjoy the grounds as well as the main marquee. If the weather is fine, lawn games and even a bouncy castle can be set up outside to keep the younger guests entertained.


Even in the summer, the weather can be unpredictable so covered walkways and matting connecting other areas to the main marquee will ensure that everyone is comfortable, dry and mud-free. In hotter weather, they provide shade and can be decorated to create a stunning entryway to your marquee. You could even roll out a red carpet for a truly glamorous look.

Marquee Magic can offer further help and advice on what to consider when hiring a marquee.