Hiring A Marquee

Forget Hiring a Function Venue. Marquee Hire Instead

When it comes to organising a wedding, corporate event, showcase, or any kind of function, one of the areas that causes the most stress is picking the venue. Interestingly, more people are choosing marquee hire as a viable alternative to venue hire, and it’s not difficult to see why. Hiring a marquee offers more flexibility, features, and diversity than you may expect. Let’s have a look at why you should go with a marquee hire firm for your next event.

Hold Your Event Almost Anywhere

The UK is filled with plenty of beautiful spaces, and the magic of hiring a marquee is that you can bring the venue to you. This could mean hosting your wedding in the setting where you first met, a corporate event in a field, or a family reunion in your garden. The portability of a marquee opens up numerous options that a fixed venue simply can’t offer.

Your Own Design                      marquee hire

Forget blank, boring rooms with a few balloons and a projector. Marquees allow you to dress your event in any way you choose. Plenty of marquees offer lighting, heating, and sound equipment, and when it comes to décor the sky’s the limit. Whether it’s turning your marquee into a fairyland for a children’s party or splashing it in the colours of your corporate brand, you can do it all.

marquee hire The Best Indoor/Outdoor Flow

There’s nothing worse than a cramped venue on a hot day. With a marquee, simply roll up the sides and allow your guests to unwind in the open air. Even if formal proceedings take place in the marquee, everybody will appreciate the opportunity to wander outside to mingle. If your event continues into the evening, simply bring everybody inside, close the marquee and keep the party moving.Enjoy the View

Frame marquees are the ultimate arenas for hosting an event with a view. The combination of clear roofs and sides allows you to bring the setting indoors, be it the garden of a country estate or a view over the ocean.

Better for your Budget

Marquees come in all shapes and sizes, so you’ll find one that suits your budget. Furthermore, the flexibility offered in the layout of a marquee allows you to rearrange guests to maximise space. You simply can’t do this with a traditional venue. Marquees maximise the potential for your event to work wonderfully. Forget the restrictions and expense of a boring room and call a marquee hire company. Your guests will thank you for it.

marquee hire

A Marquee Hire Can Provide You a Weatherproof Your Summer Event.

Good British summers are the best in the world … when they’re good! As we all know, the weather doesn’t always respect our plans to celebrate or hold an event outdoors. The good news is marquee hire has never been easier.

Marquees are available in a wide range of shapes and sizes. You can plan your event safe in the knowledge that the weather won’t ruin the occasion. Marquees provide shelter in the event of rain, and cool shade for when the sun has got his hat on.

Whatever your plans, marquee hire may well make the difference between your event being a roaring success or a damp squib.

Corporate Events

There are a fantastic range of sizes and styles available. You have a choice of interiors and accessories from the plush and luxurious to the simple and functional. Marquee hire for your corporate event may be just the ticket.

You can set the tone of your event with the choices you make. Not only that, you can rest easy in the knowledge that your hard work will not be undone by fickle weather.

Wedding Marqueesmarquee hire

Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life. You need to consider venues, catering and guest seating. Then there are the all-important dresses for the bride and her entourage and suits for the groom and his band of ushers. It can all seem a bit overwhelming at times.

In contrast, marquee hire is quite straightforward. You can choose the precise style of marquee that suits the spirit of your event. You might opt for a formal affair with ball-gowns and morning dress in the grounds of a country estate. Perhaps you’ll choose something more organic and natural in a woodland setting. Whatever you decide, you’ll find an arrangement that is certain to suit your taste.

Festivals or Public Events


Live music is always popular. Little festivals and outdoor markets are becoming regular features in towns and cities everywhere. Thanks to the range and availability of marquees, it’s now possible to set up a music festival or market almost anywhere!

Where to Start

Once you’ve decided that hiring a marquee is the way to go, you need to figure out what size of marquee will best suit your event. Then just get in touch with a good marquee hire company and discuss your needs with them. Many will offer a free consultation. They’ll visit the site of your event and evaluate what options are available to you.

After that, just leave it all in the hands of your marquee hire company. They will deliver, set up and pack down your marquee leaving everything just as they found it.

Hiring a marquee is an exciting way to give your summer event a polished air. You can ensure that all your invitees will be comfortable come rain or shine.

weeding location

Planning the Perfect Summer Wedding

Have you ever imagined what your wedding could be like? Imagine an idyllic location with a beautiful, romantic venue and perfect weather. It’s summer, right? You’re walking down the aisle to meet your spouse and start your life together while birds sing and family members discreetly dab at their eyes.

But there’s more to a summer wedding than love, romance and birdsong: the beautiful day of your imaginings will take a lot of planning to make it come together. It’s time to think about the nuts and bolts, like wedding marquee hire. Our guide will help.

Decide on the Budget to allocate to the wedding marquee hirewedding marquee hire

This is the scary bit: with the average UK wedding now costing more than £18,000, you may feel pressure to spend on an epic scale. But although some people might try to persuade you otherwise, you don’t have to break the bank to make your day unique and unforgettable. Set a budget with your partner and your families, and use your collective imagination to make magic happen.

Choose Your Rings

Your rings will be with you throughout your marriage, so this is one area where it’s not worth pinching pennies. The good news is that there are so many variations on the market in terms of design, metals and embellishments that you’ll almost certainly be able to find what you love without haemorrhaging cash. And don’t forget engraving to turn your rings into a singular wedding marqueememento of a landmark occasion.

Pick Your Perfect Outfit

The wonderful thing about a summer wedding is that you’re going to be able to get away with a more revealing design, even in the UK summer. Whatever your shape or size, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to choose the right ensemble to showcase your gorgeousness. If you’ve always hankered after Victorian or Edwardian fashions, now’s your big chance to travel back in time as a heritage bride or groom, or keep it contemporary with a more up-to-the-minute look.

Select A Venue

A summer wedding also opens up a whole possibility of wonderful venues that aren’t feasible in any other season. Why not get married in a Welsh castle and hold the reception on a cliff top? Or even bring the festivities home to your very own back garden for that extra personal touch.

No matter how wonderful the summer weather proves to be, holding your reception in the open air is usually a non-starter. Wasps find their way into the champagne, there’s noise from passing aeroplanes, and people can’t hear the speeches. The right wedding marquee hire can liberate your event from these constraints: visit Marquee Magic’s website and find out how they can help you plan the perfect summer wedding.

garden party marquee

Essential Ingredients for Your Spring Garden Party

With the darkness of winter rapidly becoming a thing of the past, it’s time to make the most of the renewed energy boost you’re getting from the warmer, brighter days. So without further ado, dust off your party planner and your address book, and get together with friends and family to celebrate this glorious season. These great ideas are bound to whet your appetite for the real thing, and give you the urge to plan your spring garden parties today!


For anyone serious about hosting a larger social event, formal invitations are a must. Not only do they enable you to make plans forearmed with advance knowledge of your guest list, a well-chosen invitation sets the tone for the whole occasion. If your party is to have a theme or aim, the invitation provides the perfect opportunity for you to reveal it.

garden party marqueeDecorations

No spring party is complete without decorations. One especially beautiful seasonal theme is sakura, the Japanese cherry blossoms, which bloom and shed their petals en masse like confetti. Or to symbolise the joyful emergence of new life, decorate your party venue with colourful paper and fabric butterflies.


Influenced by the rising of the sap and perhaps a smidgeon of alcohol, your guests will appreciate some well-chosen music. This should of course be tailored to suit the tastes of your guest list: unless you know they’ll go down well, ‘edgy’ genres like metal or hip hop are best avoided. Book a DJ or band with a track record of providing the kind of musical accompaniment you’d like, be that a string quartet in the background or a full-on disco.

Party Favours

Party favours are a slightly controversial topic, but if they’re carefully selected they don’t have to break the bank. A little something for your guests to take home serves as a lovely memento of an enjoyable occasion, so let your imagination run riot. Pastel-coloured macaroons in tulip-decorated boxes and pretty soaps are the sort of ideas you should be aiming at.

A Marquee

garden party marquee

Everybody knows that the best spring party is a garden party. The only trouble here is that the weather at this time of year is notoriously unpredictable. But when you hire a marquee, this isn’t even close to being a limiting factor: the range of structures and accessories available bring indoor standards of chic and comfort to any outdoor setting.

You might be surprised at what can be achieved with a marquee. Marquee Magic offer accommodation for events of all types and sizes. So there’s no excuse for you to wait a second longer: book your marquees and plan your spring garden parties today!

Celebrating Spring: How to Host the Perfect Garden Party

marquee hire

After dark early nights and cold frosty mornings, the promise of spring is in the air. Daffodils are budding, blossom is forming and the birds are returning to the trees. With your garden starting to bloom and the promise of more sunshine and warmer temperatures, spring is the perfect time to host a garden party. Whether this involves an intimate gathering of a few close friends or an altogether more fabulous soiree, the choice is really up to. Take some time to read through the following tips and make sure you host the perfect garden party.


Picking a theme for your garden party can be fun. If you prefer a simple affair, colour schemes are often a good idea. From pastels to intense bursts of colour, the choice is yours. Other ideas include a May Day celebration or even your own Madhatters Tea Party. Remember it really is up to you – the only limitation is your imagination.

Décor and Furniture

Now you have you have sorted out a theme, it’s time to consider your décor. First start by deciding where and how to place your furniture. Clustering tables and chairs is always a good idea as it encourages your guests to mingle. Next, think about decoration. Look out for items that match your theme, such as table covers, centrepieces and even serving ware. And don’t forget lighting. Hanging lanterns and string lights are simple but effective and Citronella candles will also help keep the bugs at bay. For a bit more drama, consider accent lighting and place it around any walkways or garden features.

Food and Drink

When deciding upon food for your party, the best tip is to keep it simple. A finger food buffet with lots of variety or a good old barbeque – both work well. And don’t forget the drinks. Water, iced tea and lemonade are good non-alcoholic options, whilst a refreshing cocktail like a Mojito or a cup of Pimms will also go down nicely.

marquee hire


The one thing you can be sure of is that great British weather will always keep you guessing, often right up to the day of the garden party itself. Even on a sunny day, the heavens could open up. To get around this, think about hiring a small marquee. Not only will it provide shelter for your guests in the event of a rain, but should the sun get too hot it will be a perfect shady spot.

You are now all ready for your perfect garden party. To hire a marquee for your party, contact Marquee Magic today.

Valentine's Day marquee hire

How to Throw a Memorable Valentine’s Day marquee Party

Valentine's Day marquee hire





Valentine’s Day can be stressful as you try to dream up an idea to top the surprises you’ve
thrown for your loved one in previous years. If you’re having trouble dreaming up a
spectacular Valentine’s treat, consider throwing a passionate, romantic Valentine’s Ball using
marquee hire for Valentine’s Day.

A Valentine’s Ball is the perfect way to celebrate, and you can invite all your friends,
whether they want to party with their partners or mingle with the singles. Here are some tops
tips for a decadent evening.

Choose Your Marquee

Whether you want a fun and flirty Valentine, or something more romantic and sophisticated,
there is a marquee to suit your needs. A flirty pink gazebo in your back garden or at a special
venue is just the thing to get those eyelashes fluttering, or perhaps you want a fully enclosed
marquee so you can party away from prying eyes.

February 14th is still a chilly time of year, but with a range of options such as hard wood
flooring and heaters your guests will be able to party in their finest party gear – without
worrying about getting frostbite!

Set the Tone

Now for the fun part – decorating your marquee so it’s fit for a Valentine’s Ball. If fun and
flirty is your thing, then playful pinks are the way to go, but if you want your event to ooze
passion and romance then classic red is the ultimate option.

A twinkly nigvalentine's day marquee hireht sky is the perfect backdrop, while the buffet table can be sprinkled with red hearts and laid with red blooms. Make sure you include a bar and a chillout area so couples have a place to cosy up and
whisper sweet nothings to each other.

Food and Drink

Serve your guests with a welcome drink and canapés when they arrive, then decide whether
you want to offer a proper sit down meal, or serve a buffet with finger food so your guests
can mingle freely while they eat.

For the bar, champagne is the drink of choice, which can be served in tall flutes or mixed into
romantic cocktails. Don’t forget to include a few non-alcoholic options for teetotallers and
drivers. For a decadent touch, serve a chocolate fountain as a tasty centrepiece.




Music is the Food of Love

Finally, music is the perfect way to set the tone of your party. For a romantic touch, hire a
harpist or string quartet, or opt for some good old-fashioned crooning à la Frank Sinatra.

If you want to hire a Valentine’s Day marquee for your event, contact Marquee Magic today.

new years eve marquee

Celebrate in Style this New Year’s Eve with a Marquee Party

new years eve marquee





As the seasons change, the warmth of summer making way for the chilly nip of autumn, our
thoughts turn to the festive season ahead. With the family Christmas sorted, one of the main
questions on your mind is what to do this New Year’s Eve.

One of the biggest problems with New Year’s Eve is the huge cost of going out – pubs get
crowded while the price of drinks seems to increase every year, and events such as cabaret
and theatre can be prohibitively expensive.

One solution is to throw a big party for all your friends and family using marquee hire for
New Year’s Eve.

Winter Marquees

new years eve marquee





Many people incorrectly assume that marquee hire is only good for the warmer months, but
modern marquees are a fantastic option for winter too. State-of-the-art winter marquees are
waterproof and windproof, making concerns about wind, rain and snow a thing of the past.

With thermostat-controlled heaters and hard wooden flooring to raise you above the damp,
cold floor you can party all night long – without your coat, and without your heels sticking in
the mud!

A Winter Wonderland

Hiring a marquee is a fantastic option for a party, because you have a blank canvas to
decorate – no more worrying over whether your preferred colour scheme matches the curtains
of your venue.

It’s easy to transform your marquee into a true winter wonderland, with minimal cost. Avoid
bright summer colours, and opt for winter white, blended with glamorous silver or gold.
Suspend paper lanterns from the ceiling and twist fairy lights around the tables and doorframe
for a little extra sparkle.

Pick Your Party

new years eve marquee










Now that you have your New Year’s Eve venue sorted and decorated, you can decide what
type of party you want to throw. For a sophisticated New Year’s Eve, set the room with white
tables and chairs, decorated with sparkly snowflakes, and throw a magnificent feast, adding
in a bar and chillout area for afterwards.

Alternatively, a party venue may be more your style so set your marquee up as a huge
dancehall so you can dance the night away. Don’t forget to include a bar area, a chillout zone
for when your guests need to rest their weary feet, and a buffet table with nibbles to keep
everyone sustained for the long night ahead.

Hiring a marquee for your New Year’s Eve is the perfect way to celebrate with your friends
and family, without breaking the bank. Food and drink will be much cheaper, you won’t have
to queue for hours to get to the bar, and best of all, there’s no need for a babysitter!

The Benefits of Hiring a Marquee for Your Christmas Party

christmas marquee











Christmastime means party time, and that means a lot of organising. Before you call a long
list of venues, why not consider a marquee for your Christmas event. From a staff party to a
family get together, here are some reasons why Christmas event marquees are a great idea.

They’re Spacious

Christmas event marquees are available in all shapes and sizes. Whether you’re planning an
intimate gathering or a festival of light and sound, there will be a marquee to suit. Simply
calculate the number of guests you’re expecting and contact a marquee hire company. They’ll
take care of the rest.

They’re Fun to Decorate

christmas marquee

Christmas should be colourful, and Christmas event marquees offer you a blank canvas to
play with. Not only can you choose a variety of decorations, but marquees are perfect for
creating multi-coloured light displays. With a Christmas marquee, your only concern will be whether you run with a winter wonderland theme or a fairy grotto.



They’re Versatile

A marquee allows you to change the dimensions of the room to suit your needs. There’s
nothing worse than trying to fit furniture and guests around existing walls and poles. A
marquee offers uninterrupted space so you can arrange the interior any way you wish.

They’re Easy to Heat

It’s a common misconception that marquees are difficult to heat. A quality marquee company
will offer heating accessories from basic cabinet heaters to gas powered thermostat heaters.
This will ensure that, even if the weather outside is freezing, your Christmas party guests will
be warm and snug.

christmas marquee

They Come With a Lot of Extras

The best marquee hire companies offer more than just marquees. With lighting, furniture,
and catering on offer, your marquee company can operate as a one-stop shop. Not only does
this save you the hassle of calling around, but you’ll know the accessories you’re getting are
complementary to the marquee and have been already been tried and tested in a marquee

They’ll Go Anywhere

Irrespective of the space, there will be a marquee to fit. This means you can hold your
Christmas event on the grounds of a manor house, a field, or even a sports ground. Reputable
marquee hire companies will visit the grounds first to make sure any dips or slopes are
accounted for, and to check the best location for the marquee’s entrances and exits.

They’re Beautiful

For all of their practicalities, guests will still be impressed by the sheer beauty of your
marquee. Even the most basic Christmas marquee events are designed to create an air of
grandeur – and that’s before you decorate them!

There are many reasons why hiring a marquee is a great option. This combination of design,
practicality, and peace of mind will mean your Christmas event will be one to remember – for
all the right reasons.

Bonfire Night Marquee Hire

Five Tips for Throwing an Excellent Bonfire Night Party

‘Remember, remember the fifth of November’ is a line that everybody knows, and the date is cause for a big celebration every year. Instead of attending a public bonfire, why not host your own party by creating a bonfire and renting a marquee tent.

Along with your Bonfire Night marquee tent, here are some tips for throwing an excellent Guy Fawkes party.

Build a Big Bonfire

Bonfire Night Marquee Hire Just like other Bonfire Night celebrations, your bonfire will be the highlight of the night. Ensure you have enough space to create a good-sized bonfire, and plenty of wood to keep the fire burning all night. In order to start the bonfire, use plenty of tinder, and have some paper and firelighters to have. Remember – never use petrol or paraffin for your fire and always check bonfire regulations with your local fire station.

Create an Effigy of Guy Fawkes

It isn’t a true Bonfire Night party without an effigy of Guy Fawkes to throw on the bonfire. Making your Guy is a great activity for the kids. Grab an old pillowcase for the Bonfire Night Marquee Hire head, a pair of pants and a shirt for the body, and stuff them with old newspaper, feathers, or more old clothes. You could even use an old pillow as the body. Draw on a face, give him some boots and a scarf, and he’s ready to go.

Recite Traditional Bonfire Night Rhymes

As you burn your effigy of Guy Fawkes, be sure to recite the familiar Bonfire Night rhyme, ‘Remember, Remember the Fifth of November,’ to celebrate his capture. These old rhymes and chants are as integral to Guy Fawkes Night as the bonfire and fireworks.

In addition to the classic rhyme, there are plenty of other songs and chants to sing, or you can have fun making up your own.

Bonfire Night Marquee Hire

Plan for Fireworks

It isn’t a Bonfire Night party without some fireworks, so if you’re not close to a public display, plan your own that guests can watch from the marquee. Stock up on fireworks that are safe for public use, and make sure you have a large open space to set them off. It goes without saying you need to keep these a safe distance from your marquee tent!

Eat Traditional Foods

If you want your Bonfire Night party to be a roaring success, you need to deliver some traditional Bonfire Night food. Cook potatoes in foil over the fire, heat up some soup, and roast some hot dogs. For those with a sweet tooth, hot marshmallows are delicious and don’t forget the toffee apples! You can also serve traditional Parkin cake, made of Bonfire Night Marquee Hire Bonfire Night Marquee Hire oatmeal, ginger, treacle, and syrup.

Guy Fawkes Day only happens once a year, so make your Bonfire Night marquee hire tent party one to remember. Follow these five tips, and you and your friends will have a cracker!

Summer Marquee Hire Essex


Summer is just around the corner, so at Marquee Magic we’re getting ourselves geared up for a busy summer season for marquee hire Essex.


Whether you’re planning a wedding, organising a summer garden party, are about to leap into festival season, or plan to lay on some hospitality events for your customers, we have a marquee to suit your requirements.


Weddings & Other Special Occasions


When it comes to wedding marquee hire, we have a wealth of experience in making your day a truly special occasion. With a range of shapes, sizes and styles, we can arrange a marquee to suit your guest list, and decorate the structure to your exact specifications.


Whether you want an elegant dinner and dance, a fun disco complete with glitter ball, or an Asian extravaganza, we will make your dreams come true.


Marquees also provide the perfect backdrop to other special occasions, including christenings and anniversaries.


Corporate Marquee Hire


From the sensible to the sublime, hiring a marquee for a corporate or PR event will help your business to prosper.


Gathering your staff together for a company launch or team building exercise provides you with a good opportunity to take your staff away from their usual workplace, which can help ideas and creativity to flow.


Laying on an elegant hospitality event for prospective and current clients gives you a chance to show off your excellent products and services, while firming up business relationships.


In the evening, use your marquee as a backdrop to some company fun and games by hosting a staff dinner or summer ball.


Private Events

hiring a marquee

Summertime is the perfect time to throw a garden party for your friends and family, but you can never be sure what the good old English weather is going to throw at you.


Hiring a marquee gives you the flexibility to change your plans in accordance with the weather, without ruining the occasion. A marquee provides shelter from the sun or rain, while the sides can be opened up on hot days to let a cooling breeze through while guests enjoy the surrounding views.


Hiring a marquee is perfect for all sorts of parties from birthdays to Bar Mitzvahs, christenings to retirement parties, or simply for the excuse of enjoying some quality time with your nearest and dearest.


Festivals & Public Events


Finally, marquees of all shapes and sizes create a temporary village feel at festivals and public events. Small tents are handy as a first aid tent or food point, while vast structures can be erected to accommodate an indoor music stage or an art and craft exhibition at a summer fair.


Whatever event you’re arranging this summer if you need marquee hire Essex, contact Marquee Magic to discuss your options.