Wedding Marquee Packages

DIY Or Wedding Package?

Your wedding is a special and unique event which should leave you with wonderful memories to cherish for years to come. Every couple has their own ideas for what makes the perfect wedding. It may be a simple affair with a handful of guests or a magnificent reception in the grounds of a fairytale castle, but no matter how small your wedding party, it’s still going to need careful planning.

Wedding Marquee PackagesThe most important factor for any wedding (apart from the bride and groom turning up) is that everything runs smoothly on the day. So is it best to do-it-yourself or put the process in the hands of a professional?

Here’s a few of the factors you should consider when deciding between a DIY or wedding package.


Many couples choose a DIY wedding believing it to be a cheaper option. It would surprise you to know that organising and booking everything yourself can sometimes end up being more expensive than buying a wedding package.

A DIY wedding can mean finding individual suppliers for almost everything from caterers, venue hire, booze, furniture hire, to flowers and table linen. Every supplier will add their service costs and VAT, so hiring everything individually may end up breaking the budget. All-inclusive wedding packages, on the other hand, give you a fixed price that includes everything.


A DIY wedding gives you 100% control. If you’re a creative type and friends and family are happy to get involved, planning a DIY wedding can be fun and ultimately satisfying. However, if the thought of organising every detail brings you out in a cold sweat then a package deal is the way to go.

All-Inclusive packages may have limited choices though and give you less opportunity to add your own personal touch.

A Combination Of Both

Marquee hire not only gives you the freedom to choose your perfect location but it can also make accessory hire far easier. A wedding marquee package takes away the stress of organising every last detail while allowing you the flexibility to organise your wedding as you wish. Marquee packages take care of the venue logistics such as decorative swags, lighting, furniture, linen and even toilet facilities. You can then hire caterers to do the rest. Many catering packages include flowers, table settings, menu tastings and even decorations. You can choose a flexible package and then add your own personal touches as much or as little as you want.

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